I want to plot a chart with one axis and draw a point at a specific value and show it with a label. In addition I'd like to place two label on the min and max tick of x axis. For q better understanding see the image:

Wanted plot

EDIT: If it possible I'd like also to hide the axis itself, show only ticks with the values and the points with the labels.

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tikz can do this:

    \foreach \x in {0,...,5}{
    \draw (\x,0.2) -- (\x,-0.2)node[below]{\x};
    \draw[fill=magenta!40] (3.5,0) circle (3pt)node[above=0.2cm,anchor=south]{3.5};
    \node[anchor=north] at (0,-0.6) {Start};
    \node[anchor=north] at (5,-0.6) {End};

enter image description here

  • Perfect, that is what I needed
    – matax
    Dec 10, 2014 at 12:01

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