I am writing a series of company internal documents and decided to use latex and a custom .sty file so that I can have only content in the actual .tex document and have a consistent style for all documents.

I would like to add the company logo right before the title of the document. So I'm thinking of putting a \renewcommand in the *.sty document, but I cannot have a \includegraphics there since it's outside the main document flow.

How would I go about this? The examples of possible solutions I've seen involved using \begin{titlepage} etc that will create a whole separate page that I do not want and then I'm unable to define a custom title for each document.

What I have so far in terms of how I would like to have my title structured is:




\title{01 - The First Document}


and company_style.sty:


\title{Comany XYZ \\ {\LARGE \@specificTitle} }

You can include the company logo as part of the title in your style file. Here's an example:

enter image description here


  Company XYZ \\[\bigskipamount]
  \includegraphics[height=5\baselineskip]{example-image} \\[\bigskipamount]



\title{01 - The First Document}
\author{A.N.\ Author}


This is some content

For the sake of portability, and this example, I've used filecontents to write company_style.sty as part of the minimal example.

Within company_style.sty, the \title macro is redefined to always include the company name - Company XYZ - and the company logo - example-image (or whatever you decide to use).

  • I tried something similar to your solution but my compiler complained that I was trying to insert an image outside of the main document flow. Anyway, your solution worked - Thanks! – getack Dec 15 '14 at 6:07

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