I'm trying to achieve the plot of plain brackets around a word.

in this manner:

\textcolor{white}{\Huge\textbf{\textsf{Recupero dei solai lignei storici\\\\[BOZZA \today]}}}

I get an error from latex, no error if i remove th brackets.

What's wrong with him - or me... - ?


You should replace your

\textcolor{white}{\Huge\textbf{\textsf{Recupero dei solai lignei storici\\\\[BOZZA \today]}}}

by, e.g.,

\textcolor{white}{\Huge\textbf{\textsf{Recupero dei solai lignei storici\\[10pt][BOZZA \today]}}}

The \\ has an optional parameter, so \\[something] means that there is used parameter something. But it must be a length, because it is the increasing of the distance between lines. Another way of solving the problem is \\{[something]}, but it seems that you want to increase the distance, hence the first solution is better in this case.

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  • thank you, very clever. i didn't thinked about optional parameters. – Nereo Costacurta Dec 14 '14 at 15:23

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