I would like to draw Young diagrams with LyX.

I found the LaTeX package yountab which allows me to draw such diagrams in LaTeX, but I have no idea how to install it on LyX.

How should I go about drawing Young diagrams using LyX?

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  • For installation of packages with LyX, [this answer][1] provides you with information and links. [1]: tex.stackexchange.com/a/214291/12558
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I’m not familiar with Young tableaux and diagrams, but I think the package ytableau is better and more fully developed than youngtab.

In order to use it in LyX you need:

  1. Add \usepackage{ytableau} in the preamble (Document → Settings… → LaTeX Preamble (last one)).
  2. Wherever you want to add a Young tableau use ERT (LaTeX inside LyX, Ctrl+l shortcut) and add whatever code you want (ytableau documentation is available here).

Maybe there is a more LyXish way to do that. I don’t use LyX.


LyX screenshot

LyX output

I hope that helps you ☺

  • What is meaning of cr? Line when writing matrices, we end one row by double-slash; similarly, when closing one row in tableaux, I think cr is used; but I want to know its long-form.
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(This builds on Júda's answer, which you should accept, but is a bit too long for a comment.)

You can make the diagrams easier to edit in LyX using this dirty hack. After the \usepackage command in the preamble, add this:


Usually, the bmatrix environment will create a matrix with square brackets around it. This command changes it to make a Young tableau instead. (You can still get a matrix with square brackets by inserting the brackets separately from the matrix.) Now you can create your diagram by typing \bmatrix and pressing space in a math equation, then using the toolbar buttons to add rows and columns. For example, if you put this into an equation:

editing a ytableu

then you'll get an output like this (if you have instant preview turned on then it'll appear as soon as you take your cursor out of the equation):

previewing a ytableu

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