I have a problem with cross-referencing in the appendix of the document I'm writing, \ref is not working properly and I only get ??.

I'm using a LaTeX template for writing Ph.D. Thesis that can be found at Texis page. I'm working with Miktex2.8 and TeXnicCenter under Windows 7.

In the master document you can find:



In chapter 2

E0996 & 11-12/09/1996 & 520 & 524.5 \\ \midrule
E1000 & 21-26/10/2000 & 376 & 570 \\ \midrule
E0502 & 06-08/05/2002 & 400 & 516 \\ \midrule
E1007 & 10-12/10/2007 & 400 & 404.4 \\ \midrule
\caption[Listado de eventos precipitación]{Listado preliminar de eventos de precipitación torrencial en la \cv  (PMAX=Precipitación máxima)}

and in appendix 3

  some text \ref{cap2:tab:listaeventos}

But the result is not a reference but ??

Any suggestion? I have found some relatively similar questions here but none has fixed my problem.


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Magic crystal ball guess: you're using \includeonly and haven't compiled chapter 2 since you put in the \label?

(One thing you could check is whether the string "cap2:tab:listaeventos" does appear in the file 02Metadologia.aux, which it should.)

  • No, I used \include, not \includeonly and compiled the document 3 times. Maybe the point was the Miktex installation, I made an update and maybe something was broken. I have upgraded Miktex to version 2.9 and now it work's fine. As you said I have also checked that \label was located after \caption and that it appeared at 02Metodologia.aux
    – pacomet
    Jun 29, 2011 at 11:51

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