How do I unbold the acronyms from the list of acronyms? I am using the acronym package. I need to produce the list of acronyms but without bold acronyms next to their full forms.

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    Redefine \acsfont as described in the documentation? (texdoc acronym) – musarithmia Dec 16 '14 at 16:55
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  • @AndrewCashner probably not – cgnieder Nov 8 '15 at 18:01

You can redefine the macro \aclabelfont. It's default definition is


The naive redefinition just leaving \textbf{} away, i.e.,


might or might not work: it works if you use the optional argument of the acronym environment like this


but doesn't work if you don't use it


The acronym package uses different lists for both cases. In the second case it uses a description list which also bolds its items. So if you don't want to change all `description? lists a redefinition that works for both cases would be


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