How can I change the width of the space between columns in a smallmatrix environment? I can't find any decent documentation on smallmatrix anywhere.

The array environment has the setcolsep{..} command, but I can't find anything analogous for smallmatrix.


The intercolumn space is \thickspace; you can do a trick


Now you can decide for yourself what the separation is (default .2777em):

a & b\\
c & d

If you want a fixed different space, say .5em, define


Beware that \thickspace is used in other places and it might happen in one of the small matrix entries (not very probable, though). A more robust patch might be


and from now on all smallmatrix environments will use .5em as intercolumn space.

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Here's a small document, which shows a redefinition of smallmatrix fur supporting an optional argument for the separation. The definition is taken from amsmath.sty, it's just extended by using this argument instead of \thickspace.

  \baselineskip6\ex@ \lineskip1.5\ex@ \lineskiplimit\lineskip
    a & b\\
    c & d
    a & b\\
    c & d

It's using internal macros as the original definition does, which might be changed. While egreg shows a workaround and a patch, this should show a straighforward redefinition starting from the original source code.

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  • However it's not so easy for somebody not expert in \halign and plain TeX syntax to spot the right place to act on. – egreg Jun 28 '11 at 17:42
  • It's not better, just showing another way for quick fixing: locating the original macro, redefining, spotting the place (yes, hard here), changing. Perhaps motivation to read the source, showing that also enormous complicated code can be re-used easily. – Stefan Kottwitz Jun 28 '11 at 19:02

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