After browsing through related threads, I am now of the understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) that the rule of thumb is to use the \bigl,\bigr pair with brackets, parentheses, etc. for operators like sums, products, and integrals, and \left,\right in all other cases.

I only recently found out about \middle , which has solved what had been a vexing problem for me: delimiters for function arguments (slashes, bars) not scaling properly. Leafing through my cheatsheet has not been of much help, so I wish to ask: is there an equivalent of \middle for \bigl and \bigr, or would the use of \middle along with that pair not be gauche?


\bigm, \Bigm, etc.


Also, if you need the large middle delimiters for typing set-builder or bra-ket notation, you can use the \Set{...|...}, \Braket{...|...}, \Bra{...}, and \Ket{...} commands from the braket package.

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