is there any way to hide all images, equations and all listings (embedded by using lstlisting package) manually by setting a certain command in the preamble? It would just be interesting to see how many pages of real 'text' the document contains actually. Thanks!

Edit: I tried using Stefans suggestion:


whereas I have the verbatim-package in the preamble. I'm getting the same error message as if when using Martins suggestion:

File ended while scanning use of \next for a command line `\include{main/02}`

When not using the commenting-stuff, there's no error while compiling the document :(

Edit2: I found out that Martins solution works but not for equations which I insert via:


and than:


Which way to take therefor?

  • Placing the comment environment into another environment doesn't work, like for any verbatim environment, because \begin{comment} then can't find it's \end{comment}. My small example works, but I can't say what's goes wrong with your file. You don't have an environment split over two input files, or something similar? – Martin Scharrer Jun 28 '11 at 20:24

You can use the comment package to turn an environment, even an existing one, into a comment environment. It skips the content verbatim so it can also be used for lstlistings, etc. However, it seems the \end{<env>} (actually the internal \end<env>) is still executed, so you need to blank that too. For macros you need to define dummy replacements with the same set of arguments.




% Also possible:

% For your funny equation marks use: (you then actually don't need to redefine `equation` itself)
% or
% \def\beq#1\eeq{}


Normal text

    (A figure)
    \caption{A figure indeed}



  • I edited my answer above Martin :) – tim Jun 28 '11 at 20:25
  • @Marc: The \beq and \eeq macros also hide the equation end-macro. See my updated answer. – Martin Scharrer Jun 28 '11 at 20:29

You could redefine all those environments and commands to do nothing, using \renewenvironment. Of course this can be summarized in one macro.

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    How can I redefine the figure command to do nothing? Martin's answer doesn't work for me. – LordStryker Mar 25 '14 at 20:53

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