I am typesetting a novel in ConTeXt and one of the things I was in need was a way of typesetting headers for scenes. A scene as I understand it, is simply a couple of lines which separate paragraphs, however when there is a change of setting, I remark so, like:

Nobody will say that...

-> Dead Man Creek, Indiana United States

As our hero tried to...

The line 'Dead Man Creek...' informs the reader of a change of setting as well as scene. I have tried to model this by defining a new header, modeled on the subject header:


But I also need this text to be aligned to the right, but I can't seem to find a way to achieve this, though I have successfully centered the text.


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Use flushright instead of right:

\setuphead  [subject] [align=middle]

\definehead [scene]   [subject]
\setuphead  [scene]   [style=slanted,align=flushright]


Nobody will say that...

\scene{Dead Man Creek, Indiana United States}

As our hero tried to...


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