I am using the resume document class to write my resume.

Since I want to make my resume fit in one page, I would like to decrease the spacing at the top of the document but keep the bottom, right and left margin spacings to the default value.

Googling around, I found that the following lines added at the top of the document


should do the trick. However, I want to change only the top margin values and keep the bottom, left and right margins the same. How do I specify the default values to the marginsize command for the < bottom >, < left > and < right > fields? A simple example will be very helpful.

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The standard package for making margin changes is the geometry package.

You can indicate the change by the options in the geometry package. If you only want to change the top margin of the document to 0.5 inches, you would use the command


Alternatively, if you would like to indicate the margin as a separate command, use the \geometry command as follows:


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