I'm using setspace to double-space an article (as it's widely known, this package behaves more intelligently than \linespread, Double line spacing alread covers the details).


However, I'd like to finely adjust the "double" spacing so I can control the overall length of the paper. If I use \linespread, I go back to the less intelligent mechanism. Is there a way to fine tune what the setspace package does?

My question is specific to the article and, perhaps, report document classes. I'm saying this because some googling found some tricks specific to the memoir class.

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In addition to the familiar \onehalfspacing (etc.) commands and \begin{onehalfspace}...\end{onehalfspace} (etc.) environments, the setspace package includes a \setstretch{baselinestretch} command that can help you out, or a \begin{spacing}{nnn}...\end{spacing} environment. Set the spacing factor number, nnn to, say, 1.85 or whatever your situation needs. See the documentation in the comments in setspace.sty for more details.


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