I'm writing master thesis where I need to include some parts of program code. This code needs to be commented and properly described in text below/above. I would like to add some specific labels in the verbatim environment and use this labels as references in text. How can I do that?


Thanks for your help guys. Based on question Is there a possibility to make reference to the line in the lstlisting environment? I've finaly used following:


\begin{lstlisting}[frame=single, caption={Useless code}, label=useless_code, numbers=left]
 for i:=maxint to 0 do begin
   { comment }(*@\label{comment}@*) 
Line \ref{comment} of Listing~\ref{useless_code} shows a comment.


See following output:


I know that it is not optimal solution, but for the purpose of my thesis seems to be sufficient solution.

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