I use TexStudio to create a tex file and save it in my DropBox in the Cloud. I then use CloudConvert to make a pdf file, which I then save on my Windows Pc.

This works OK, but isn't there a simpler, more direct way? I'd like to execute a Windows program which inputs a tex file and outputs a pdf file.

I have MiKTeX installed on my PC.

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    If you use TeXStudio to create your tex file, then, go to the Tools, and then either build view or compile. If it is configured correctly for MikTeX it will generate a pdf for you. – Guido Dec 29 '14 at 4:23
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    It's already been pointed out that you should just run the typesetting system from within your editor (or if you don't get on with that editor, pick another one!), but I wonder how you ended up with this odd set up in the first place. – Joseph Wright Dec 29 '14 at 8:34

Since you already have TeXStudio installed, if you also have a LaTeX distribution installed in your system you can just compile your .tex file within TexStudio: it will create a pdf file in the same folder, which will be synced by Dropbox.

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