I have a tikz triangle to which I am trying to add the border. For some reason, I see the black border on two sides but not on the third. Can you please help me figure out why?

Below is the MWE:


\definecolor{mycolor}{RGB}{255,255,0}       % use mycolor to give a specific color to tikz

%\newrobustcmd*{\mytriangle}[1]{\tikz{\filldraw[draw=red,fill=#1] (0,0) --
%(0.2cm,0) -- (0.1cm,0.2cm);}}

\newrobustcmd*{\mytriangle}[1]{\tikz{\draw[thick, fill=mycolor] (0,0) -- (0.2cm,0) -- (0.1cm,0.2cm);}}


This is a triangle \mytriangle{mycolor}.

  A figure
  \caption{A triangle \mytriangle{mycolor}.}


Close the path:

(0,0) -- (0.2cm,0) -- (0.1cm,0.2cm) -- cycle;

enter image description here

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