I have a question. How can I install a package written by myself with MikTeX?

I first made a .txt file than I wrote my package (code) in there. Then I renamed the .txt file to .sty . What should I do now?

Thank you for your answeres.


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You should put in some directory in a local TeXMF root. As MiKTeX doesn't create such a local root by default, you'll have to create one yourself if you haven't already done so not the TeXMF root installed by MiKTeX. Then register this new root with MiKTeX Settings--> Root tab:

enter image description here

You'll have to respect the TDS (TeX Directory Structure): put your .sty file in, say, \TeXMF-local\tex\latex\myownfiles\ ; if you create some documentation for it, puit it in TeXMF-local\doc\latex\myownfiles. Finally, refreshh the FNBD with MiKTeX Settings, both as administrator and as user:

enter image description here

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