I have the following excel data and corresponding line chart enter image description here

I wanted to plot it using gnuplot script

set term postscript eps enhanced monochrome     
set output "r-all-float-case4.eps"          
set size 1.0,1.0                    
set pointsize 1.75                  
set xlabel "X-values" font "Times-Roman,24"         
set title "Irregular intervals"
set  key ins vert left top
set key spacing 1.5
set key font ",14"
set size 1.0,1.0             
set ylabel "time" font "Times-Roman,24" 
set log y
plot \
"mydata" using 1:2 title "Y1" with lp lt 1 lw 3 , \
"mydata" using 1:3 title "Y2" with  lp lt 2 lw 3 

and it gave me the following output

enter image description here

How can I make the x-axis look the same like the excel one (data points with fixed interval)?

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