I would like to ask if there is an easy way how to include some graphics (logo) on the title page (I'm using scrreprt class from KOMA-script). Until now I've done it like this:

\title {
  \normalfont \normalsize \includegraphics[width=0.3\textwidth]{img/logo}
  \huge ARIO project

But I feel that this is not the right way. And I wasn't able to find any tutorial. Thanks.

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! For the classes scrreprt and scrbook try using the environment titlepage (inside the document) instead of the command \title.
    – Pier Paolo
    Dec 31 '14 at 10:00
  • Thanks, but there is still not any command like "logo" for including graphics...
    – WestFlame
    Dec 31 '14 at 11:35
  • If you are willing to use the \maketitle command, you could just put it in \titlehead{…}. But it seems that you want finer control of the title page layout…
    – JBantje
    May 31 '15 at 15:36

I use the package eso-pic in addittion to graphicx in order to put an image in a specific point of the title page, then in the \titlepage command or in the page where I want the logo I use the command:

\put(100,100)%the specific point of the page with coordinates (x=100, y=100)

After a pair of tries with \put(x,y) you'll finally find the coordinates where you want your logo.


This is a MWE:


\usepackage{fix-cm}                             % big letters

%----------------------------------------------- colors
\definecolor{gris}{gray}{0.45}                  % gray
\definecolor{burgundy}{rgb}{0.5, 0.0, 0.13}     % burgundy

\addtokomafont{section}{\Large\sffamily\color{burgundy}}     % text color for Sections
\addtokomafont{subsection}{\large\sffamily\color{burgundy}}  % text color for Subsections
\addtokomafont{subsubsection}{\sffamily\color{burgundy}}     % text color for Subsubections

%----------------------------------------------- graphics

%----------------------------------------------- opening
\author{Joan Queralt Gil}


%----------------------------------------------- Titlepage



{\fontsize{60}{70}\selectfont Acronym}\\[2ex]
\course \\
    %--- minipage
        Code: \code\\
        Version: \version\\
        {\color{gray}\small{Make sure this document is valid. Check out the website.}} \\
%----- graphic




that produces:


  • Any full MWE(minimum working Exmaple) with any koma-script class, in the title Dec 31 '20 at 3:32
  • I've edited my entry with a complet MWE. Try it.
    – jqueralt
    Jan 7 '21 at 16:59

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