In Mac OSX, using latex, I have a long class file that includes various macros containing commands of the sort



I would like to make this portable to computers with different absolute paths. (For compatibility reasons, I need absolute paths.) Probably the simplest would be to define a \imagedirectoryname and a \moviedirectoryname and do something like



How exactly do I do this in latex? Thank you in advance for any help! It is for a book that is free to download on the internet.

I am using OSX, latex, MacTeX/texlive 2014, and the dvi -> ps -> pdf typesetting method.

P.S. Yes, I know that movie15 is obsolete, but it works, and the successor package media9 is not compatible with it, as far as I understand.


You can do one of these:

  1. Update \graphicspath to point towards the folders that may include graphics. It's syntax for paths <pathA>, <pathB>, ... is


    See How to use \graphicspath?

  2. Define a macro to hold the path via something like


    and then use it in your commands as

  3. Of course, (2) could also be hard-coded by changing \includegraphics to always use a specific path via something like


    You need to know your use-case/environment to be confident that such hard-coding would work though.

  • Thanks. I'm working on Ubuntu 14.04LTS and TexLive2015 and solutions 2 works -- after 2h of search & try. (-; – alex Nov 30 '15 at 16:13

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