Reading David, René, and Hassane Alla. Discrete, continuous, and hybrid Petri nets. Springer, 2010. I wonder how can one drow such thing in TeX: enter image description here

This is not a retirical question - a technological one - I really would love to be capable to draw analogus images in LaTeX (using any library needed to generate .ps or .eps image or just drawing right inside document via some macros)

Comparing with TikZ Petri nets examples I do not get how t draw circle in circle (alike P5 and P6 places), is it possible to place automated tooltips with text and graphs alike in T3 and T4, how to create a connection like from P6 to T2?

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  • Explanation of exact parts I am interested in is presented in 3rd paragraph!) – DuckQueen Jan 5 '15 at 1:04