I am using pdflatex to convert eps figures to pdf as follow:


I am using these packages


When I compile, I get this error ! Package pdftex.def Error: File './Figures/R-eps-converted-to.pdf' not found.

I looked for a solution in the internet and in the tex stack exchange website. I found many but did not solve my problem. I have like 10 eps figures, 7 are working fine and 3 are not (I just added these 3 figures today).

When I remove the [final] from the graphicx package, I do not get the error but I cannot see the figures in the output pdf file.

the document class that I am using is: \documentclass[draft, 12pt, onecolumn]{IEEEtran}

  • Do you really use pdflatex? – user31729 Jan 6 '15 at 17:15
  • Yes I am using texmaker. I compile my .tex file using the Quick Build option which is set to the PdflaTeX + View PDF. – Jika Jan 6 '15 at 17:21

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