symbolic x coords={Germany,Spain,UK},
      axis x line=bottom,
      axis y line=left,
      x tick label style={rotate=45},
      enlarge x limits={abs=0.5cm},
      bar width=14pt,
      nodes near coords, 
      ylabel=\% blablabla     
    \addplot[bar shift=0pt,fill=blue] coordinates {
    \addplot[bar shift=0pt,fill=red] coordinates {
    \addplot[bar shift=0pt,fill=yellow] coordinates {

I want the node near coord "10" to be green and in bold face, as the "Germany" coord. Is it possible?

  • Although it is good you provide an MWE, we prefer not to be a code-writing service (teach a man to fish and all)... Could you let us know, what have you tried that isn't working? What pages in the manual have you read that haven't worked out? – darthbith Jan 6 '15 at 23:00
  • I checked the manual but did not find any example where only one node is customized, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask here. I can customize all nodes together, but this is not what I want. – VenusFromMars Jan 6 '15 at 23:11

Put every node near coord/.style={text=green,font=\boldmath} as in

\addplot[bar shift=0pt,fill=blue,every node near coord/.style={text=green,font=\boldmath}] coordinates {

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