In auctex I can run a command only on a certain region to speed up compiling. This works great, however if then I use the backward search to jump from the .pdf to the .tex source code, it opens the temporary _region_.tex file instead of my real tex file chapter2.tex.

I did search on the internet and in the auctex documentation, but did not find a hint how to set this up correctly.

Some hints about the configuration

LaTeX master file with included chapters

I'm using a master file (let's call it main.tex and then include a source file for each chapter with e. g.


Region.tex file and corresponding log file

My _region_.tex file contains the following line directly after \begin{document)

\message{ !name(chapter2.tex) !offset(927) }

which I think should be used for exactly this purpose.

The _region_.log file contains a line, which refers to the master file, not the chapter:

**\input _region_.tex
(./_region_.tex  !name(main.tex)

PDF viewer sync settings

In the preferences of Skim.app (the pdf viewer) I'm using the following configuration:

  • command: emascsclient
  • arguments: --no-wait +%line "%file"

System and software versions

I'm using MacOS X 10.6 and TeXLive 2014, AUCTeX 11.88.
My pdf viewer is Skim.app and my source editor is Aquamacs.app (Version 3.2)

(I've updated to Aquamacs 3.2 which uses AUCTeX 11.88, but I still have the same problem)

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    IIRC, if you use Evince, the current development version of AUCTeX brings back to the original document.
    – giordano
    Jan 13, 2015 at 10:20
  • thanks! How can I determine the installed version of auctex? I'm not using evince, but Skim.app on MacOS X Jan 13, 2015 at 10:28
  • C-h v AUCTeX-version, but you'd know if you were using the development version of AUCTeX, you'd have compiled it by yourself ;-)
    – giordano
    Jan 13, 2015 at 10:42
  • thanks, no I'm not using the development version, but 11.87. So you mean, this just should not work in v 11.87? You're right, I did not compile it myself in this case, but you would not imagine what I've already done or configured and then forgot about having it done... :-) Jan 13, 2015 at 10:45
  • 1
    The development version is the version after the last stable one (11.88 currently). And I said it works only with Evince, you use Skim instead. Good to see you found a solution anyway.
    – giordano
    Mar 11, 2015 at 9:44

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I finally found a solution for that by configuring emacs (aquamacs):

source: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.auctex.general/4285

(defadvice server-goto-line-column (after server-visit-region.tex
 "When visiting _region_.tex from an external
source (e.g. inverse search), go to the original file so that any
changes made won't be lost."
 (when (string-match "_region_.tex\\'" (buffer-file-name))
   (if (save-excursion ;; in case we don't find the other file we at least want the right line...
          "\message{ !name(\\([^)]+\\))\\(?: !offset(\\([-0-9]+\\))\\)?\\s *}" nil nil))
       (let ((file-name (match-string 1))
             (offset (match-string 2))
             (line (car (ad-get-arg 0)))
             (col (cdr (ad-get-arg 0))))
         (if offset (setq line (+ line (string-to-number offset))))
         (find-file file-name nil)
         ;; For some reason this doesn't actually go to the offset
         ;; line.  It's probably because of how advice works.
         (server-goto-line-column (cons line col))
         (message "Moved from _region_.tex to line %s of %s." line file-name)
         (forward-line offset))

     ;; else
     (message "This is _region_.tex, but I couldn't find the original file!"))))

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