I would like to use Mathematica fonts with pdfLaTex in Miktex, but I'm having trouble installing them.

I have only found guides as to how to install them in TexLive and I don't know how to alter the procedure to fit my case.

I found the latest fonts here http://support.wolfram.com/kb/10427 and this old post How use Mathematica fonts with LaTeX - which method? but I cannot use any of it.

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Ok, after one day of craziness I could make it work following a modified version of the instructions found here.

I will assume you have MiKTeX installed in a folder called "MiKTeK"

  • Download this package (it's a modified version of the one I found in the page linked above).
  • Copy ‘texmf/dvips/config/wolfram.map’ to ‘MiKTeK/fonts/map/dvips/wolfram/’ – create the folders if missing
  • Copy ‘texmf/pdftex/config/pdfwolfram.map’ to ‘MiKTeK/fonts/map/pdftex/wolfram/’
  • Copy all subfolders from ‘texmf/fonts’ (afm/wolfram/mma …) to the corresponding folders in ‘MiKTeK/fonts/’
  • Copy all files from ‘tfm/public/mma’ in ‘MiKTeK/fonts/tfm/public/mma’
  • Copy the folder ‘mma’ to ‘MiKTeK/source/latex/mma’
  • Copy the folder ‘texmf/tex/latex/wolfram’ to ‘MiKTeX/tex/latex/wolfram’
  • Enable the map files by opening ‘MiKTeX/miktex/config/updmap.cfg’ with some text editor and adding the line: "Map wolfram.map"
  • Open the MiXTeX setting as an administrator (from start menu) and hit "Refresh FNDB".

All the fonts now work for me.

  • does the package link still work?
    – Ted Black
    Commented Nov 8, 2023 at 10:00

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