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A bit of an OT-question from a newbie I'm afraid... I just hope to find some entusiasts here who may know a source. Here goes...

Are there any good sources of sample-documents that is suitable as inspiration? Preferbly online, but books (especially free ebooks) will also do. Old, handwritten, typeset/printed etc. samples, is also welcome.

Letters/envelopes, resumes/cv's, business/calling-cards, invitation, letters of introduction, business-letters, applications -- all of interest.

I'm not as interested in ready-made templates, but more of examples -- of the text (language, grammar, form), the layout, the fonts/penmanship -- of various writings over time (but mostly modern), as a source of inspiration. I guess images (jpeg) would be the most obvouous way to present such stuff online. So, any recomendations for sites or books for inspiration?

(That said, recomendations for websites for really good sources of templates for TeX/LaTeX and LyX -- and perhaps for Scribus, Open/Libre-Office and MS-Word -- would be welcommed too.)

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