I am using the light option of the kpfonts package and I want to display the ſ letter only in a section of the text. Can I switch from the normal option to the veryoldstyle option?


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  • You can use s=. But something like \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{jkplos} should work - see the documentation (right at the end). – cfr Jan 15 '15 at 3:57

As you did not provide an MWE I had to guess some things. My solution simply defines a new environment oldstyle which activates the vos-Versions of the kpfonts and switches to normalfont (i.e. plain Roman).



This is a newstyle test file.

  This is an oldstyle test file.
  One can get the round s= like s=hown.
  \textsf{Sans-} and \texttt{typewriter-fonts} work here, too.

This is newstyle again.

Note that depending on your wishes you can use os instead of vos if you only want the oldstyle instead of the veryoldstyle option. Note further that I change the sans- and typewriter-fonts to the non-light vos-versions as there does not seem to be a difference between light and non-light sans.

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