I was said that tikszcd is good library to draw commutative diagrams. So I tried to practize it by drawing the diagram in https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/383006/0-rightarrow-m-rightarrow-m-rightarrow-m-rightarrow-0-exact-m-flat/494914#494914 . But how can I get the arrow from zero to M''(x)N'? I tried

& 0\arrow{d}\\
0\arrow{r} & M^\prime\otimes N^\prime

but it gave me mess.


Here are two solutions, one using tikz-cd the other using the psmatrix environment from pst-node. I could adjust the position of the vertical arrows with pst-node, which I don't know how to do with tikz-cd:



\[ \begin{tikzcd}
 & & & 0 \arrow{d}\\
0 \arrow{r} & M'\otimes N' \arrow{r}\arrow{d} & M\otimes N' \arrow{r}\arrow{d} & M''\otimes N' \arrow{r}\arrow{d} & 0\\%
0 \arrow{r} & M'\otimes N\arrow{r} & M\otimes N\arrow{r} & M''\otimes N \arrow{r} & 0 


enter image description here


 \[ \psset{arrows=->, arrowinset=0.25, linewidth=0.6pt, nodesep=3pt, labelsep=2pt, rowsep=0.7cm, colsep = 1.1cm}
%%% nodes
 & & & 0\\
0 & M'\otimes N' & M\otimes N' & M''\otimes N'\hphantom{'} & 0\\%
0 & M'\otimes N\hphantom{'} & M\otimes N\hphantom{'} & M''\otimes N\hphantom{''} & 0
 %%% horizontal arrows
 \ncline{2,1}{2,2} \ncline{2,2}{2,3} \ncline{2,3}{2,4} \ncline{2,4}{2,5}
 \ncline{3,1}{3,2} \ncline{3,2}{3,3} \ncline{3,3}{3,4} \ncline{3,4}{3,5}
 %%% vertical arrows
  \ncline[offset=0.8pt]{2,2}{3,2} \ncline[offset=-0.6pt]{2,3}{3,3} \ncline[offset=0.6pt]{2,4}{3,4}


enter image description here

  • Hmm. I only got package ifplatform Warning and package auto-pst-pdf Error. – student Jan 17 '15 at 15:59
  • @student: I forgot to say you can compile pstricks code with pdflatex if you set the switch --enable-write18 ifd you're under MiKTeX, or shell-escape (TeX Live, MacTeX), for the compiler. – Bernard Jan 17 '15 at 16:10
  • @student If you only use the tikz-cd version, you don't need \usepackage{pst-node}. In my opinion this answer is not very well laid out: there should be the code for the tikz-cd version and the pst-node version should be in a separate example document. – egreg Jan 19 '15 at 8:53

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