I am redefining my reference command, to more easily reference chapters, tables, figures, etc.. Here e.g. for chapters

\newcommand{\CHAPREF}[1]{chapter \ref{#1}}    %Reference template for chapter

So that I can simply type

\chapter{A chapter}
This is a reference to \CHAPREF{chp:chapter}

Which will result in

This is a reference to chapter 1.

But this way I can not use auto-completion in TeXMaker anymore, which would usually propose some chapter references when only typying \ref{...

Is there any way to make TeXMaker also auto complete these new commands?

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After googleing for some time, posting this question, I now finally found the correct key words to search for...

Here is the solution:

In TeXMaker, select

User > Customize Completion

and add another entry like


This will add auto-completion to the CHAPREF command like to the ref command.

EDIT: See also Customize auto-completion in Texmaker

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