I am trying to create a latex class file, the thing i want to do is to span the abstract and keywords to two columns like the one in example below. I need help in modifying the code in class file to look like this ...

two-column abstract

The class file;


    \leftmargin0pt \rightmargin\leftmargin
    \listparindent\parindent \itemindent0pt
  \item[\hskip\labelsep\bfseries\abstractname\enspace --] \small}{\endlist}

    \leftmargin0pt \rightmargin\leftmargin
    \listparindent\parindent \itemindent0pt
  \item[\hskip\labelsep\bfseries\keywordsname:] \small}{\endlist}


The tex file;



\title{The Title of the paper}

\author{Author Name}



Production, Executable, Architecture




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