Does anyone have the IET Software journal latex template ? I was looking for it for the past two weeks but in vain. The journal does not provide a latex template.

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    Welcome to TeX-sx! The usual rule if the journal provides no further guidance but does accept LaTeX is to use the article class and only an absolute minimum of packages to get your text to work. (If the journal want print-like layout they'll provide a template or class.)
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    Jan 22, 2015 at 8:49

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From the ITE Research Journals FAQs:

Is there a LaTeX template I can use?

Unfortunately we do not have a template for LaTeX. Please refer to our author guide.

What are acceptable source files?

Main document - doc. pdf (tex. files must be supplied with the pdf)

Effectively, in the Home > Journals & magazines > Author guide - IET research journals one can read:

2.3.1. Revised papers should be submitted in their source file format (.doc, docx or .tex files for text and .eps, jpeg or .tif files for figures). If your paper has been prepared using LaTeX, please also upload a single .pdf file of the paper together with the LaTeX source file and the figures.

Also relevant:

5.2. Format: papers must be typed ... Authors should not copy the format of the published journal. All accepted papers will be edited into the IET Research Journals house-style. Please double space and ....

Therefore, it seem that the LaTeX template is mostly irrelevant. Probably is a good idea use only some essential packages as graphicx, and stand in the standard article class following the format requirements of this point.

The exception in theiet.org seem to be the Author guide for Electronics Letters where you can download a LaTeX document class (el-author.cls) and a example-template. (sample.tex).


IET has recently published a LaTeX template for its journal submission. See their author guide for more information or use the direct link to the .zip archive.

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IET's LaTeX template is downloadable here:



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