I do not know how to us tikzpicture very well. I want to draw the picture similar that is attached. My problem is how can I add curly parenthesis between the arrow. Additionally, if you can suggest me a good tutorial about tikzpicture, I will appreciate.



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Something likes this. Basically node techniques are used here, with decoration that adds the braces from the starting point to the end point as shown below. raise and amplitude can be changed to suit one's need. As to the tutorial, there are many good ones (pdf, beamers, website) in the internet. you could find a couple of them easily.

\draw[decorate,thick,decoration={brace,amplitude=5pt,raise=4pt}] (0,0)--(0,1);

enter image description here


\node at (0,-1) (a){};
\node at (0,1)  (b){};
\node[right] at (5,0) (c){P};
\draw[very thick,->,>=latex', shorten <= -5pt] (b)--(c);
\draw[very thick,dashed] (0,0)node[left=1cm]{V}--(5,0);
\draw[very thick,->,>=latex', shorten >= -5pt] (c)--(a);

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