Debian wheezy's (stable) repositories only have TeX Live 2012 -- what is best practice for getting TeX Live 2014?


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You have three options. Each option have both advantages and drawbacks, so the "best practice" depend upon your preferences.

  1. apt-get dist-upgrade to Debian testing.

    • Advantage: Up-to-date TeX Live and OS. Ideal for people who like to live on the edge but not enough crazy to updgrade to Sid.
    • Disadvantage: You can break something. Not a good idea for a server.
  2. Install a vanilla TeX-Live.

    • Advantage: Actual TeX Live with a very stable system.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Installation is easy, but no as simple as apt-get install texlive-full
      • Many programs as LyX or Gummi have dependencies of texlive packages, so you must install also a vanilla version o these programs or better, deceive tthe system making and installing a dummy package to allow the installation of these progrmas without the TeX Live of Debian (I prefer this because is easy, just follow the instructions of the link).
  3. Do nothing.

    • Advantage: TeX Live working out of the box in stable system without effort.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Overwhelming need to upgrade, but surely you do not know why and you will never notice the difference.
      • Finally you will go to a more paifull solution, so ... Why delay the unavoidable?.

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