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I've been encouraged to use BibLaTeX, so I'm trying to, but I'm not meeting much success. I'm sure I'm doing something dumb wrong, but I don't know what. I am using TeXShop on a MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks, if that's relevant.

I compile the following documents by running LaTeX, then BibTeX, then LaTeX twice more:

 eprint=false ]{biblatex} \addbibresource{bibshort.bib}

 \hypersetup{colorlinks=true, }

 %% ############################## 
 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet~\citep{kastenholz}.
 At vero eos et accusam et \cite{GGK} justo 
 duo dolores et ea rebum~\citet{sigfridsson}. 

(taken almost verbatim from How to use biber) and


The results are as in this image:

two PDFs

The BibTex version is what I want. BibLaTeX version has no bibliography, parentheses instead of the brackets, and for some reason, unwanted spaces.

What have I done wrong?

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  • The first document works, assuming you use biber instead of bibtex. Depending on your editor (assuming TeXshop), you may need to do this from the command line instead of a menu. Alternatively, if you have pdflatexmk in your menu, it will automatically run biber as needed. – Mike Renfro Jan 25 '15 at 2:54
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    I don't know TeXShop, but what about this answer? – jon Jan 25 '15 at 4:19
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    Note that biber and biblatex versions need to match. It looks like you have version 1.6 of biber; that means you need to be using version 2.6 of biblatex (checkable by adding \listfiles to your .tex file, running latex, then looking at the list of files appended to the end of the .log file). – jon Jan 25 '15 at 4:53
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    It is probably best to make sure both Biber and biblatex are up to date (and that their versions match; the newest is 1.9 for Biber and 2.9a for biblatex). Then you should read this and clear Biber's cache. (It is normal for Biber to take some time on a first run, just wait for it to complete and don't abort it by starting another compilation process.) – moewe Jan 25 '15 at 8:06
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    @jdc We would need to know your biblatex version (which you could check by opening the file pointed to by kpsewhich biblatex.pdf and read off the version there, or by compiling a file with \usepackage{biblatex} with \listfiles at the beginning and looking at the .log). For Biber 1.6 you need biblatex 2.6 - note though that both versions are outdated, 1.9/2.9a are the current versions. The message you get, though, very, very much suggests a broken Biber cache (this can be fixed as described here). – moewe Jan 27 '15 at 8:36

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