After some fooling around, I have determined that when package Sweave is loaded, italics in the title of a sciposter document is ignored (though underline works). I don't know enough to read the style files and find the problem. Here's a simple example. Comment the Sweave in or out to see the effect. TIA for any advice!



\title{My Title Has \emph{Italics} But They Don't Work if Sweave is Loaded}
\author{Johnny Be Good}
\institute{Good Times Institute}


Some text

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The Sweave package loads the ae package, which changes all the fonts to the "Almost European Computer Modern" font, which apparently doesn't have boldface italics. You can see this, because your sample document produces the following warning:

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/aess/bx/it' undefined
(Font)              using `T1/aess/bx/n' instead on input line 10.

You can solve the problem by adding:


to your preamble after loading the Sweave package.

This will undo the ae font changes, but otherwise should look the same.


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