I'm writing a play and I would like to give the directions different colours. However, when trying the obvious:

\usepackage{xcolor} \\\

\def\stdir{\color{red} \StageDir} \\\

\begin{drama} \\\

\stdir{text, text, text},

Then, from the first Stage direction in the text, everything turns red. I've been trying to redefine the \StageDir-command with an internal colour declaration, but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get only the \StageDir in a different colour?

Thanks in advance,

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With etoolbox it's quite easy, because \StageDir just uses the stagedir environment:



\Character[Billy Prose]{BILLY}{billy}
\Character[Sally Verse]{SALLY}{sally}

\StageDir{text, text, text}


\sallyspeaks I am a poet \\
I know it\\
I like to speak in short lines\\
Like this\\
My cat is gray\\
My fish is dead\\
Because the cat ate it\\
I am\\
A very difficult person\\
To have a conversation with.\\


\StageDir{text, text, text}


\billyspeaks I like to talk like a normal person. Your cat is lame. I have a gerbil named Phil. He 
sleeps in my dresser. I'm so sorry that my examples sounds insane.




enter image description here

  • Thanks alot egreg! Just out of curiosity, since \direct does not have an environment option, I suppose I can't use this neat way of changing also embedded direction into f.ex. blue or green, right? Any ideas how I could do that?
    – Martin
    Jan 27, 2015 at 18:32
  • @Martin Not without a complete example; unfortunately the documentation of dramatist has no example at all.
    – egreg
    Jan 27, 2015 at 18:42

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