I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.

TexLive (including latexmk) was installed successfully. The pdf reader is evince by default. Compiling tex files inside ST3 works perfectly. The forward search also works. But I simply can't get the inverse search right, i.e. ctrl+left click on the pdf file doesn't have any response. Can anyone share his/her settings for LaTeXTools? Thanks in advance!

  • What are you trying to accomplish with CTRL + Left click?
    – Ludenticus
    Jan 28 '15 at 3:57
  • The inverse search. Doing so is supposed to take me to the position in the tex file that corresponds to the place I click in the pdf file. Jan 28 '15 at 4:41

I wasn't aware of Sublime Text, but seems nice.

In order to get the inverse search, open

Preferences > Package Settings > LaTeXTools > Settings -- User

Scroll down and replace "sublime": "sublime-text" for "sublime": "subl"

Sublime Text

Now it should work. Ctrl + click on evince. Instructions were here.

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    Yes. I went through LaTeXTools' documentation and set the configuration file as you posted. It turns out that for the inverse search to work, LaTeXTools calls python and utilizes the dbus module, as discussed here. Apparently, I had another python (Anaconda distribution) installed on my machine and the module dbus isn't included in it. Once I set the path to the python that comes with Ubuntu, the problem goes away. Jan 28 '15 at 5:57

In addition to @Ludenticus answer: With ubuntu 14.10 and sublime3, I also needed to set

"python2": "/usr/bin/python"

under platform settings -> linux in order to get backward search working in evince.


In addition to setting the correct subl and python2 commands, python2 bindings to dbus are needed (as mentioned by @William Zhang in the comments).

On Ubuntu 16.04 the package python-dbus provides these, and does not seem to be installed by default.

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