I've to put the endnotes at the end of each chapter. This is the code for a MWE:


% notes
   \noindent\theenmark.\ \hangindent 0\parindent%
\renewcommand{\notesname}{Note} % <-------------------------------------

% headers

\chapter{First chapter}
\section{Section one}
\section{Section two}
\section{Section three}
\section{Section four}
\markboth{\scshape note}{\scshape note}

Problem 1: in the header, "NOTE" appears not in scshape as well as the headers of the other pages.

Problem 2: I want to omit the title "Note" before the notes begin. But if I use \renewcommand{\notesname}{} I lack the header too, even if I put the code \markboth{\scshape note}{\scshape note} before the command to print endnotes. Maybe, the troubles are connected... thanx

  • You have to add \footnote{\lipsum[6]} \renewcommand{\notesname}{} \addtoendnotes{\protect\markboth{Note}{Note}}
    – user11232
    Jan 28 '15 at 16:30
  • Partially working: on p. 7 of my MWE there is no header at all (on p. 8 it seems all ok)
    – user41063
    Jan 28 '15 at 16:43
  • That is because the markboth is coming late since you are using lipsum. You have to put \addtoendnotes{\protect\markboth{Note}{Note}} some what early.
    – user11232
    Jan 28 '15 at 23:20

I apply \def\notesname={\relax} to take the notes title way.

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