I'm using the ThreePartTable enivornment (provided by threeparttablex) to add table notes to my longtable. However, I keep getting ! Undefined control sequence. for \notex and \source.

I'm using TeXnicCenter (not that this should matter), and according to the MiKTeX Package Manager, threeparttablex is version 0.3.

As an MWE, here is the second example from the threeparttablex-manual (http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/ctan/macros/latex/contrib/threeparttablex/threeparttablex.pdf), augmented just by a preample

\item[a] \label{tn:a} test test test test test test test test
\item[b] \label{tn:b} test2
\source Made up by daleif
\begin{longtable}{l l l}
\caption{A long table}\\
Coloum 1 & & Column 2 \\
AAAA\tnotex{tn:a} & & BBBB \\
% \newpage
CC & & DD\tnotex{tn:b} \\

The commands \source and \tnotex are available only if threeparttablex is called with the referable option: change the call into


and the example will work with no other change.

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