I am typesetting books in ConTeXt, and for some reason the first chapter is missing page numbers!

There are correct page numbers in the frontmatter, and correct page numbers in the second chapter and beyond, but in the first chapter they are MIA.

Edit: Minimal Example:

I have narrowed down the problem to the following code:

enter image description here

        [yes, blank, right]

\setuphead [chapter][page=chapterpagebreak]


        [title={First Chapter Title}]

\dorecurse{6}{\input knuth \par}

        [title={Second Chapter Title}]

\dorecurse{6}{\input knuth \par}


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    As always, a minimal compilable example that reproduces the problem is definitely better. Most of the time you will solve the problem yourself; in case not, well, at least you ease the way to the people here. – Manuel Jan 29 '15 at 21:39
  • 'Twas on the iPhone, so couldn't copy/paste. I'll add a minimal example tomorrow. Thanks Manuel! – derBingle Jan 30 '15 at 4:21
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    Usually, there are multiple context beta's every week, so I'll say that the ETA is 2-3 days. If needed, in the meanwhile you can edit $TEXMF/texmf-context/tex/context/base/page-ini.mkiv: On line 142, add \global before \pageornamentstate\zerocount (so that the line will read \global\pageornamentstate\zerocount) and then regenerate the format (context --make from the command line). – Aditya Feb 9 '15 at 17:34
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    I'm voting to close this question as it was a bug which is solved in updated releases. – TeXnician Mar 5 at 9:30