I am using the soul+tikz code provided by Gonzalo Medina in Red squiggly imitation to get a wavy underline All works well until I include the raqgged2e and bidi packages. At compile time I get

! Improper discretionary list. \SOUL@everyhyphen ...e] \highlight@EndHighlight ;}

Any ideas on how to resolve this? or a soul and bidi just incompatible in this case?

  • Update: I did a complete package upgr of my texlife env but it did not resolve it. When using only ragged2e it compiles, but output is messy: wavy underline ends up vert. and there is vert space between the words. I tried ulem before but noticed the wavy underline does not align well. It extends into following space, or starts a bit before the word. I did some more googling and came across the tcolorbox package. I now have a wavy underline created by stripping as much of the box/frame as possible and then putting a wav underline as the bottom line using overlay. – user2263306 Feb 1 '15 at 7:52

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