So as some of you are probably aware of the original website for the Gummi LaTeX editor has gone down. Now a recent fork has arrived for Linux on Github but there is no associated Windows exectutable. I was not certain where else to ask so I thought I'd try here: Are there any of you with a setup exe (the gummi-w32-unstable-5.exe was the latest) that you could upload somewhere so I can get it? I've tried scouring the Internet for any of the setup exe's and can't find it, going as far as to use the WayBackMachine to try and retrieve the file.

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You may want to try running Linux software in Windows, this page has info: Five ways to run Linux software in Windows

One of the solutions is called Cygwin and Gummi has been ported to this:

Gummi on Cygwin

I have not tried any of these as I am mainly a Linux guy.


Install a Linux disto on a USB stick, install the latex distribution on the USB stick, install Gummi. Boot your computer with the USB stick to run Linux and Gummi.

Best regards, John


I dug that file up. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/gummi-w32-unstable-5-exe

Its MD5 hash is 5e9346e6b307fbb1c6662b5ace1fb048, that matches the one shown in your link to WayBackMachine.


I have a copy of it archived from October 2014, and I just managed to install a copy of the beta version of gummi on my new Windows machine. If you would like to PM me your email, I can send you a temporary link for the install file.

I also contacted the creator Alexander van der Meij; he said that a Windows install file should be up on the new website sometime this week.

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