I have the following in my preamble:


This should, in the first instance of a citation (in this case, an article), output something like:

Joshua I. Weinstein, “The Market in Plato’s Republic,” Classical Philology 104 (2009): 440.

(that's taken from the Chicago Manual's own website)

Instead, what I see in the document output by xelatex is something like this:

Weinstein ("The Market in Plato's Republic")

This is definitively wrong, and I can't figure out what format that's supposed to be (natbib?). This started happening after the texlive update last October (2014), and has persisted ever since.

I am using lyx. Any advice?



EDIT: MWE follows. Notice, the citation in the footnote is formatted incorrectly: It should appear exactly as it does in the bibliography.

%% LyX 2.1.2 created this file.  For more info, see http://www.lyx.org/.
%% Do not edit unless you really know what you are doing.
\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text,Numbers=OldStyle]{Linux Libertine}
\setsansfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Linux Biolinum}

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% User specified LaTeX commands.
\setkomafont{sectioning}{\rmfamily \bfseries}
\setmainfont[Ligatures={Historic,Rare,Discretionary,TeX},Contextuals=Swash]{Linux Libertine}
\newfontfamily\latinfont[Script=Latin,Ligatures={Historic,Rare,Discretionary,TeX},Contextuals=Swash,Alternate=0,Style=Historic]{Linux Libertine}
\newfontfamily\italianfont[Ligatures={Historic,Rare,Discretionary,TeX},Contextuals=Swash,Alternate=0,Style=Historic]{Linux Libertine}


here is some text%
\footnote{See \citet{adams1993effects}.%


(note: $USER is a placeholder for my real username)

Biber does not throw any errors. No, I cannot compile any documents with biblatex files such that they properly follow Chicago style.

Here is how that entry looks in my .bib file (the one named bookbib.bib):

  Author         = {Adams, B.J. and Fields, L. and Verhave, T.},
  Title          = {Effects of test order on intersubject variability
                   during equivalence class formation.},
  Journal        = {The Psychological Record},
  publisher      = {Kenyon Coll Psychology Dept},
  year           = 1993

I'm using Lyx, which adds in its own modules and then applies modules listed in the preamble; this is likely the reason for the doubled module entries. I'll reply to the citation commands in the answer thread below, as I can't see them while editing =/

  • Without a complete MWE there is really not a lot we can do from here. Did you make sure that Biber ran successfully? What do the logs say - especially the .blg file? Can you compile other biblatex documents to your satisfaction?
    – moewe
    Feb 5 '15 at 2:27
  • MWE added above
    – user242047
    Feb 7 '15 at 8:00
  • Could you also add an example BibTeX database entry?
    – Joseph Wright
    Feb 7 '15 at 8:19
  • Note that you note certain packages multiple times. You MWE does not compile on my machine. If you however use \footcite[See][]{wilde} instead of \footnote{See \citet{wilde}.}, you will see something quite close to your taste. If you insist on this construction, try \footnote{See \cite{wilde}.} (Note that this is \cite not \citet!)
    – moewe
    Feb 7 '15 at 8:23
  • this MWE will not compile without the .bib file that it includes. Editing the example above to add that entry from the .bib file.
    – user242047
    Feb 7 '15 at 14:58

Here is a working MWE that demonstrates correct usage of biblatex-chicago. See if you can adapt this to your own setup and if it still works for you.

\usepackage{filecontents} % for example
  author=       {Weinstein, Joshua I.},
  title=        {The Market in Plato's Republic},
  journaltitle= {Classical Philology},
  volume=       104,
  year=         2009,
  pages=        440,
% But note that the pages should be the complete page range.



There is an interesting article about Plato and the market.%



enter image description here enter image description here

  • I manually added an \autocite[]{} entry using a tag from my .bib file, following this format. It formats correctly, following chicago style. Now: how do I get Lyx to use \autocite instead of \cite or \citet for citations?
    – user242047
    Feb 7 '15 at 15:19
  • BOOM. This tip was the one that got me what I need: adding \renewcommand\citet{\autocite} right below the biblatex-chicago entry forced Lyx to replace its default \citet with \autocite, which correctly results in Chicago-style citations. THANK YOU. This has been driving me nuts for months.
    – user242047
    Feb 7 '15 at 15:28
  • PLOT TWIST: no, it actually didn't fix the problem entirely. Turns out, when the author field is formatted {family, given}, it will format the citation correctly, but when the field is formatted {given family} it goes back to natbib style. Why would it do this? The two are supposed to be equivalent. After updating texlive again, I'm back to it not using Chicago style entries.
    – user242047
    Jun 10 '20 at 18:29
  • @user242047 I believe biblatex-chicago expects family, given format. I didn't know there was any other option. Jun 11 '20 at 14:46
  • Well, I might go back through and reformat the ones that would need that (and use brackets to protect the ones that are natively family-name-first), but my issue here turned out to be something else: I needed to add another \renewcommand to replace \textcite with \autocite as well, and now all citations are properly formatted.
    – user242047
    Jun 12 '20 at 18:27

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