I'm having problems with tkz-graph with tikz/pfg 2.10. The following mwe (a modification of one taken from the tkz-graph doc.) doesn't seem to respect distances or decorate an edge.

Is this a known issue?

Many thanks.





Node distances: default=6cm; A-C=9cm\\
Edge A-C decorated with footprints\\

        \begin{tikzpicture}[node distance   = 6 cm]
          \tikzset{LabelStyle/.style =   {draw,
              fill  = yellow,
              text  = red}}
          \tikzset{FootEdge/.style =
              decoration={footprints, foot of=gnome},
              fill  = yellow,
              text  = red}}
          \tikzset{node distance   = 9 cm}% modifie la distance entre les nodes
          \tikzset{EdgeStyle/.append style = {bend left}}


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