I'm working with a Macintosh and am looking for a clear, readable sans serif font which would be vaguely compatible with XITS Math. I've tried Helvetica Sans, but am finding the the x-height to ascender height ratio is sufficiently different from that of XITS Math that it looks quite ugly.

Does anyone have any better suggestions?


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  • Welcome to TeX SE! Please see the guide to learn about the site format as this question seems opinion-based and/or unclear. You can scale one font to match another. See the fontspec manual for details. (I don't know what Helvetica Sans is. Do you not mean Helvetica?) – cfr Feb 2 '15 at 16:50
  • Thanks for replies! Duh, I meant Helvetica Neue. The issue is that Helvetica Neue's ascender height (the height of a letter "h", for example) divided by the x-height (the height of a letter "x") is approximately 1.36, whereas for XITS Math, it is roughly 1.50. So if I scale the math font to have the same font size as the Helvetica, the x-height is significantly smaller, so something like "Let $x$ be..." has an x which is too short, whereas if I scale the math to have the same x-height, the numbers are too tall in "if $3x=5$ then...". So a font with a ratio of about 1.50 would be great! :) – Julian Gilbey Feb 3 '15 at 18:20
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