I'm using the memoir class together with the epigraph package to put some awesome/cheesy/YMMV*/YOMV** quotes at the beginning of each chapter. This works great and looks quite neat.

I now also want to place some nice bits of text on the part pages, and found this little bit of code in the package's manual:

% epipart.sty

Which allows me to do

epigraphhead[300]{Epigraph text}
\part{Part title}

Unfortunately, this does not allow for the second argument of the epigraph, which I use for the attribution. Is there a way to get this on the part pages?




\epigraphhead[400]{This is a half-baked solution}

\epigraph{this works great}{me -- about everything I do}



* Your Mileage May Vary

** Your Opinion May Vary

  • @barbara you are correct. Fixed. – rubenvb Feb 3 '15 at 19:38

A possibility, defining a \partepigraph command with the following syntax


The idea (see memoir's manual, Section 13.3.1 Epigraphs on book or part pages on page 256) is to hook into memoir's \afterpartskip. Use \partepigraph{}{} before \part and then \removeepigraph immediately after \part:


\let\oldafterpartskip\afterpartskip % save definition

  \let\afterpartskip\oldafterpartskip} % restore definition


\partepigraph{this works great}{me -- about everything I do}
\part{An epigraphed part}

\part{An unepigraphed part}


The result:

enter image description here

By the way, memoir internally loads the epigraph package, so you don't need to load it explicitly in your document.

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