In the appendix of my thesis, there is a large number of tables and longtables which does not need to float, as they shall appear one after the other just how they fit on the pages (and it is no problem if the bottom third of a page would stay empty).

(The appendix is structured by some headings and sometimes there is also a short paragraph or two to explain something about the data shown in the tables. So I explicitely do want to appear the tables directly and not float "elsewhere" - apart from the explaining text.)

So I thought it would be easier to let pdflatex typeset the tables (tabular) directly, which works well as long as I don't need captions. But I found that I can not use the \caption-command in those tabulars.

This question was asked already, but both solutions require the use of the caption package which seems to be incompatible with longtable or KOMA-script classes (which I need).

So is there another way to use \captions without floats?

I'm using the KOMA-script class scrbook.

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The package caption isn't incompatible with KOMA or longtable.

You don't need the package caption because KOMA provides the command captionof

  • thanks for your hint! As I did not have installed the latest version yet (but v3.08 from Feb 2011) I did not see this apparently new feature in the manual nor does it work already. However, it produces (at least from my point of view) very strange errors, as the error during pdflatex compilation occurs 400 lines (in the source code) after the invalid \captionof command. I'll try to update to the most recent version. Jul 10, 2011 at 2:46

The classes of KOMA Script offer the \captionof command for captions outside floats.

\captionof{floattype}[List entry]{Full caption}

It isn't yet documented in the English version of the user guide.

  • How to go about when the document language is Greek? I am using for example the command \captionof{figure}{Δοκιμή} successfully, though not if the greek word contains the greek final s (that is: ς). Nov 12, 2011 at 15:26

For LaTeX users that don't use a KOMA-script class, yet for some reason still don't want to load the caption package: There's the tiny capt-of package that also offers the \captionof command.

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