I wonder how can I make a box around a text with a grey shadow and colored background. I can do just the shadow or just the background, but I can't make the two together.


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    Feb 5, 2015 at 11:34

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Since you seem to be a beginner to these ugly jobs (apologies if not), have a good start. Start with tcolorbox. Details can be found in the manual which can be obtained by running texdoc tcolorbox from command prompt/terminal. Remember that there are many varieties of shadows if you look in to the manual.


  drop shadow southeast,
  enhanced,drop fuzzy midday shadow,

  enhanced,frame hidden,boxrule=0pt,interior style={top color=green!10!white,
  bottom color=green!10!white,middle color=green!50!yellow},
  fuzzy halo=3mm with gray,#1}





enter image description here

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