I have fives smaller issue with the newlfm documentclass.

  1. How can I place the \addrfrom{} below the name at the bottom of my letter?
  2. How can O get the \regarding{} command to aling on \\ like the \cclist{} command?
  3. Is there a proper way to space the “Dear … “ from the meta-information above?
  4. How do I add page numbers?
  5. How do I create indentation on all paragraphs?

Here MWE (screenshot below)



\setlength\parindent{1cm} % to get indentation thanks to http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/58976/71924

\namefrom{Sherlock Holmes}
    221B Baker Street\\
    London, UK

    Basil of Baker Street\\
    221 Baker Street\\
    London, UK

\regarding{Placement of \emph{from address},\\ 
\emph{alignment of ``regarding:''},\\
\emph{page numbers}, and\\
\emph{indent on all pargraphs} in the newlfm class}


\greetto{Dear  Adrien Nunemaker,}


\cclist{Verdell Blann\\
Rebecka Burton\\
Brooks Linke\\
Roseann Mccallum\\
Johnie Amen \\

I am writing \ldots

The \TeX enige is.



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There is no need to use a letter-related class to set letters. The changes you seek go against the rigid enforcement that is associated with a class. So, break from it and set it in article. There is no shame in this, and it allows you extreme freedom to place content where you want them to go:

enter image description here





  Basil of Baker Street \\
  221 Baker Street \\
  London, UK


Regarding: \begin{tabular}[t]{@{}l}
  Placement of \emph{from address}, \\
  \emph{alignment of ``regarding:''}, \\
  \emph{spacing}, \\
  \emph{page numbers}, and \\
  \emph{indent on all pargraphs} in the \texttt{newlfm} class


Dear Adrien Nunemaker,


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In vel porttitor sapien. 
Ut porttitor orci ipsum, vitae congue augue elementum a. Proin consectetur semper 
tortor, id pharetra turpis pellentesque nec. Praesent urna nisl, finibus quis laoreet 
sit amet, dictum nec lorem. Mauris consectetur sem luctus dolor mollis, in consectetur 
eros faucibus. Vivamus cursus volutpat tellus id laoreet. Vestibulum consectetur sem 
quis erat lobortis, et pretium justo sodales.



Sherlock Holmes


  221B Baker Street \\
  London, UK


cc: \begin{tabular}[t]{@{}l}
  Verdell Blann \\
  Rebecka Burton \\
  Brooks Linke \\
  Roseann Mccallum \\
  Johnie Amen


Specifically to your questions:

  1. Since I'm using article, there is no restrict in terms of placement of content. Move to where you want them to appear, and they will.

  2. Use a [t]op-aligned tabular to set such structured content.

  3. I've made liberal use of \bigskip, but there is no proper way. It depends on what you think looks good (subjective).

  4. This comes default with the plain page style when using article.

  5. This comes default with article. I've negated it using \noindent wherever needed.

Sure you can achieve the above output using newlfm, but why go through the trouble of adjusting internals of the class when it's really not necessary.

  • I initially broke away from the letter class to the newlfm class because the former was to rigid, but I guess I should simply do it all in article with the freedom it provides. I appreciate your response!
    – uT5r
    Feb 8, 2015 at 14:02

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