I'd like to provide a biblatex's entry type, bookreview, similar to the book one with the following differences:

  • it supports an additional type=list,datatype=name field, reviewer (for the book's reviewer),
  • some of its fields are reordered and formatted differently.

For this I can create a custom data model containing:

 〈almost the same as for the `book` driver〉

I guess the last two commands are necessary, but I wonder if there is a more clever way to plagiarize a (book) entry type that lets me avoid to almost completely copy the book driver and lets me just use xpatch's \xpatchbibdriver (as asked by me in biblatex: title and authors to be switched and followed by a line break instead of punctuation).

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With Biber you can use the fields related and relatedtype and it creates an entry with reference to the reviewed item (see section 3.4, Related Entries in the Biblatex manual).

For example, the article michael1992 refers to owens1986a as a review of it.

    Author = {Test, John},
    Journal = {test journal},
    Related = {owens1986a},
    Relatedtype = {reviewof},
    Title = {TEST case review},
    Year = {1992}}

    Author = {Owens, Joseph},
    Journal = {Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review/Revue canadienne de philosophie},
    Number = {4},
    Pages = {697--708},
    Title = {Is There Any Ontology in Aristotle?},
    Volume = {25},
    Year = {1986}}

If you just want the reviewers name, try adding it in the field byreviewer to the original item.

  • (I'm very sorry for the delay: I was (too) busy.) I completely agree it would be more consistent for the review to be stored in another reference, since it is not part of the original book. And I didn't know the Related field, which is exactly what I was looking for. Feb 15, 2015 at 7:48

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