I'm drawing a molecule and its radicals with chemfig. For the molecule, the bond departs from the C of CH_3, but in the radicals, the departing bond is centered. I tried splitting the \lewis structure and specifying the departure atom with [6,,1], but it didn't help. How can I align the departing bond to the C atom, like is done for the base molecule?

\chemfig{CH_3-[6]*6(------)} \quad \chemfig{\lewis{0.,CH_2}-[6]*6(------)} \quad \chemfig{C\lewis{0.,H_2}-[6,,1]*6(------)}

enter image description here

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Look at the page 23 of the manual. You have to split CH_2 as follows:

  • Well, I'm glad it was that easy. Thank you!
    – darthbith
    Feb 9, 2015 at 18:07

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